Lantern Project

We are slowly moving towards Winter again and not only will the days get colder, but also shorter, creating the need for use of lamps and candles as sources of light for those without access to electricity. Statistically there are up to 10 shack fires per day, killing on average one person every second day. This causes loss of shelter, loss of belongings, exposure to the elements, as well as injuries and death. With this in mind, with you, our faithful partners, we can do something about this. Introducing the Faith Cares Solar Lantern Project… which features a durable, solar powered lantern. This lantern charges in the sun and can then be used without electricity for up to 15 hours. The lanterns can be charged via a generic cell phone charger. For your Donation of only R150, we will be able to supply one household with this quality solar powered Lantern, as well as copies of the Gospel of John. Partner with us Today!