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The Vision of Faith Cares is to meet the spiritual needs of the people of Africa. To meet the physical needs of the poor, sick, orphaned and those afflicted by various natural disasters on the continent of Africa through the means of a support and aid organization. To network and administrate a number of aid organizations by providing an administrative infrastructure to such who share our common goal and vision. The ministry is positioned to make a significant difference in the ways and places ordained by God, to impact the needy by demonstrating the grace and love of Christ our Lord.

The Mission of Faith Cares is to make a significant difference in the place where God has placed us by giving to others with generosity, grace and love through Christ our Lord. As God’s servants our efforts are directed to relieve human suffering and to combat hunger, deprivation and physical affliction with the provision of food, clothing, shelter, medical support and other basic necessities of life. We are to facilitate the recovery and provision of short term relief and development assistance to economically disadvantaged people and victims of disaster in Africa.


Faith Missions is a missions organization striving to take the gospel into unreached people groups around the world. Our emphasis is on developing the local people as leaders that will carry on for decades and raise up other leaders.

We want to assist the people in realizing and acknowledging their own potential, reach it, and go beyond. Our desire is to cast vision into the local people, and see them develop it, while encouraging them and providing tools along the way.

The goal of Faith Missions is to see people change their communities. Our focus is to empower the local people to better themselves and the community. We strive to raise up missionaries within the local people to send into other communities, people groups, and countries all over the world. Then as they are sent out, lives will be touched, communities transformed, and nations will be shaken.

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For more than ten years Faith Cares (formerly known as Siyanceda Africa) has been devoted to providing food, clothing, shelter, medicine and other daily necessities to the economically disadvantaged and victims of disasters on this continent. Faith Cares cuts across cultural barriers, travelling to rural areas, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Our mission is to make a significant difference in the place where God has placed us by giving to others with generosity, grace and love through Christ our Lord.
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“This generous God who supplies abundant seed for the farmer, which becomes bread for our meals, is even more extravagant toward you. First he supplies every need, plus more. Then he multiplies the seed as you sow it, so that the harvest of your generosity will grow. You will be abundantly enriched in every way as you give generously on every occasion, for when we take your gifts to those in need, it causes many to give thanks to God.” 2 Corinthians 9:10-11 TPT

Your seed of any amount sown into Faith Missions will guarantee a harvest in your own life and will cause you to be abundantly enriched in every way!